Body Jewelry

Our online store features a wide variety of body jewelry which is available for your purchase. Customers can buy jewelry in conjunction with piercings done at Ink Therapy or separately. Our jewelry collection includes studs, plugs, tunnels, ear tapers, ear stretching kits, nose rings, lip rings, and more. With pieces in a variety of styles, colors, materials, you are sure to find something that expresses your style. We change our inventory often in order to keep our offerings fresh and of the latest style. Browse our gallery or stop by our shop to take a look.

Clothing, Apparel, and More

Beyond just our selection of body jewelry, our online store also sells clothing and other items that express your personality and style. We have sweatshirts, t-shirts, and other wearable items. All the products we sell are of the highest quality. Come into our shop or browse our online selection to see for yourself.